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Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.Dr. Seuss

Is It A Stop or A Beginning?

One day, from a small green leaf, it turns into a big yellow leaf and leaves the mother tree. One day, you find rules of life so hard and painful that these rules can take your breath away. Some rules of life seem ridiculous. Some of them are created to steal your laughter, happiness and survival. It seems under the wheel of fate nothing lasts eternally, having something has the same meaning as not having, and nothing is called a stop or a beginning. Things in front of your eyes are very clear but also unclear. At times, you are confident of touching and holding them, but at times everything becomes out of your reach.

What Will You Do When Things Are Out Of Your Reach?

Although after having tried your best but you don’t gain success like you expect, you should smile and let it go. You can wait and watch it, or you can continue trying. It’s your choice, but the reward may not wait you in the end; it’s on the process. Since things follow rules of life, you ought to change your attitude to adapt a new environment. Furthermore, live and let live should be applied.

If you are so confused that you feel hopeless, let psychic readings shed light on your path. Therefore, your path isn’t dark any longer; you don’t feel cold any more; you become confident to go on walking on your life path. You carry on suffering, experiencing, or enjoying your life. You also keep on crying, laughing, disappointing, hoping and importantly getting many lessons from life.

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