6 Card Tarot Spread Reading

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Select your favorite live psychic readings online before taking part in any type of spiritual consultation. Is this your first time to come to the site and ask for a supernatural help? Claim your private one-on-one tarot reading now to save your time and money for the best insights and greatest advice on any problem in life. Actually, there are so many card layouts displayed online with various interpretations depending on each card spread. Choose your 6 card Tarot spread reading for deeper insights into any area of life.  

Your Six Card Reading In Tarot

Your 6 card Tarot reading is one of the most in-depth and insightful spreads out there that could lead us to the great clarity in the whole situation so that we could receive the full summary of our problems. It’s fun and easy to play with this spread thanks to the harmonious energy provided by it. Take a closer look at a few samples of this 6 card Tarot spread reading right here.

  • Modified Celtic Cross: the card in the middle of the spread can be considered as “you” (or the one receiving the reading) as well as your current energy. The card “issue” crossing the core one is said to symbolize the troubling aspect of the problems that you’re currently handling at this time. It can be your conflict in life, or something different like a coming festival, wedding, or a summer vacation for instance.

The card on the left may present a sudden difficulty for you at the time. The one at the bottom of other cards named “unconscious” will look at the inner parts of us, or basically the behavioral issues. This card is believed to reveal some unexpected insights for you. The far right card or the “outcome” will sum up the whole story revealed in the spread.

  • Supernova spread: we call it like “supernova” just because it possibly handles any new goal, plan, project, and other ideas of the one receiving the reading. It helps us to be enlightened by the possibilities and spiritual guidance that you may need to address your problems. The “Concept” card in the center is like the shinning star helping you to examine and mine for the positive opportunities in the future. You can see it as a new job idea, business plan, project, or other new concepts.

The card on the left presents all logical steps taken to develop your brand-new concept. It helps you to realize your logical actions in the evolution of your new ideas. If it’s the logical action on the left, then we have the “creative action” card on the right. You may find a lot of fun in this card. Remember that your creativity can’t be like any pragmatic, realistic, and logical ourselves at all. The left one in the lower corner is your “Physical Guide” while its opposing card is the “Spirit Guide”.

Daily Tarot Reading Spread

Card Spread

Gain more insights into your own issues and the world around you with daily Tarot reading spread online. From free Tarot readings offered through the psychic sources, you may find a journey of wisdom just by turning the cards for the spiritual guidance. Sign up for a free account and get your daily Tarot reading delivered to your main inbox. Feel free to enjoy full of Tarot spreads with different interpretations.

Please take an honest and internal look into yourself and the issues you’re suffering at the moment. Click “start my reading” if you really believe in your intuition. What are you waiting for? 2014 is the most highly spiritual and psychic year. Get your everyday Tarot sample to prepare for the challenging year ahead.

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